It was a time for the annual road trip to Sweden and Norway. This time I was joined with Adrian Tregoning from South Africa. Adrian is doing pretty good job with detailed articles about the trip so I won’t go into details here. Read the Adrian’s account of the trip from here.

The plan was to drive thru Sweden to southern Norway, back up to northern sweden for the Trollforsarna White Water Challenge, and then end the trip with a short tour to the Nordland of Norway. Paddling rivers and meeting people along the way. And that pretty much how it went down.

Here’s the first part of the video of the trip. The first part of the update covers our trip down to Norway and then back to Sweden. Paddlers: Adrian Tregoning, Colin Furmston, Jussi Tanskanen, Leon Bedford, Mikael Lantto and me. Thanks guys!

Scandinavia 2007 pt. 1 from Tuomas Vaarala on Vimeo.

To download the full 61mb high resolution version right-click and “save”.