When the rivers have finally broke free from the ice cover and the snow pack up north is releasing it’s magic the primary location for many local freestyle paddlers is the Kattilakoski. Kattilakoski has a wide variety of different play spots at different water levels - at some levels you can easily count 7 different good play spots in the rapid. I have yet to seen any single rapid that has a better variety of different playspots. Not only the quantity, but the quality of the playspots is very good. Especially the upper wave and the horseshoe hole offer a really good air when going off.

The whole rapid is about 2km long and the playspots are located at the start and at the end of the rapid. There is, however, a ledge on the river left about half way down the rapid that forms a wicked looping hole at medium levels and a huge wave at very high levels. The upper part consist of a two channels which are divided by an island. The horseshoe hole and the secondary wave behind it are in the smaller river right channel and the super fast upper wave forms in the main channel.

Miku looping the horseshoe hole
Miku looping the horsehoe hole.

The 2nd wave just behinf the horseshoe stopper
The secondary wave just behind the horseshoe hole.

The upper wave
The upper wave.

Juho blunting the upper wave.
Juho blunting the upper wave.

The lower part consists of a wide variety of different holes and waves. There is a 20m wide sausage shaped hole, a smaller hole and the lower waves. Again the lower part of the rapid is divided into two channels and there are waves forming on both of the channels which are called the lower waves.

McNasty on the lower wave.
McNasty on the lower wave.

Miku clean blunt on the lower wave
Miku clean blunt on the lower wave.