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August 2007

Here’s the second part of the Scandinavia road trip 2007 update. From the Trollforsarna White Water Festival we decided to head to Gaustaälven. There was still fair amount of snow banks higher up at the put in which guaranteed a healthy flow (considered a bit over the optimal by the locals) of ice cold water. Combined with the cold overcast weather and the 15km stretch of class 4 and 5 white water it proved to be a rough day on the river and fair enough we weren’t able to get off without carnage (two swims).

The next day we paddled the Gåsvasselva which is a really nice class 4 run with a one fairly big slide as a cherry on top. We bid farewell to Aapo, Jussi, Samuli and Satu who went south to Sjoa while we kept going to north. Our next river was Krutåga which has plenty of drops, but the most memorable are a double drop, triple drop and an un-runnable monster of a slide of which Mikael was giving a serious thought of running it, but decided not to. Crazy guy.

The next day we had a look at the tourist attraction of Laksforsen. Laksforsen is a major rapid which ends up in a 8m near-vertical drop. The water level was too high to consider running the main line, but Mikael decided to put-in from an eddy above the last drop and run the line on the left side. The run went smoothly thought the landing looked a bit rough as Mikael was bounced back up in the air on impact which resulted nothing but a sore neck for few days.

We had plans to paddle few more river further up in the north around Mo I Rana, but it started raining heavily which caused the rivers to flood. Everything was off the scale so we decided to start driving in the rain to home marveling the epic run-off.

Remember to check the Adrian’s blog for detailed updates of the trip!

Anyways, here’s the video. Paddlers: Samuli Suokko, Jussi Tanskanen, Satu Vänskä-Westgarth, Aapo Halonen, Juho Vaarala, Adrian Tregoning, Sami Pyhäjärvi, Mikael Lantto and Tuomas Vaarala (me).

Scandinavia 2007 pt. 2 from Tuomas Vaarala on Vimeo.

To download the full 81mb high resolution version right-click and “save”.

It was a time for the annual road trip to Sweden and Norway. This time I was joined with Adrian Tregoning from South Africa. Adrian is doing pretty good job with detailed articles about the trip so I won’t go into details here. Read the Adrian’s account of the trip from here.

The plan was to drive thru Sweden to southern Norway, back up to northern sweden for the Trollforsarna White Water Challenge, and then end the trip with a short tour to the Nordland of Norway. Paddling rivers and meeting people along the way. And that pretty much how it went down.

Here’s the first part of the video of the trip. The first part of the update covers our trip down to Norway and then back to Sweden. Paddlers: Adrian Tregoning, Colin Furmston, Jussi Tanskanen, Leon Bedford, Mikael Lantto and me. Thanks guys!

Scandinavia 2007 pt. 1 from Tuomas Vaarala on Vimeo.

To download the full 61mb high resolution version right-click and “save”.